Booking and payments
Your booking is a binding contract when you have paid in a sum of money to us. Regarding participation in cycling events we arrange the sign up and ensure you receive all necessary information. On our Flyself trips it is the traveller that books his/her own flight ticket and transfer. If we have not received your money we will not cancel your booking until we have been in touch. The cost of flights (7000 sek) and start fees for cycling races is non-refundable- We may have to change a bus trip into a flight trip. In this case we will let you know at least 72 hours before we travel. We may even have to cancel a trip if we are not enough people, in this we will let you know at least 48 hours before we travel.

Full and Half board
During some of our trips with full or half board we opt out of the dinner and arrange a restaurant evening instead. On these occassions everyone pays for their own food. We have taken this into consideration when we set the price for the trip.

Cancellation Charges
  • More than 90 days before departure: 50 % of the total cost of the trip.
  • 89 days - 7 days before departure: 80 % of the total cost of the trip.
  • Less than 7 days before departure: 100 % of the total cost of the trip.
Departure is counted as 00.01 on the day of departure. So a trip on the 11th must be cancelled by 23.59 on the 3rd (etc) for a refund of 20 % of the cost of the trip.

Cancellation Insurance
Most banks offer cancellation insurance with illness or injury if you transfer the money from an account to which you have a Visacard or Mastercard connected. Contact your bank to find out your specific terms of this. As regards the Nove Colli trip of 2019 we redirect you to private insurance companies because we have to pay for everything in advance.

Any complaints must be received in writing within 7 days of the end of the trip. We can not refund for anything that we could have corrected during the trip. Note that with over 10 000 travellers and over 20 years of business we have never had a complaint.

Travel Insurance
We encourange our customers to ensure they have adequate travel insurance. Althought not a necessity it is advisable to bring your EU medical insurance card.

Campaign Codes
We have promotions and competitions where people can receive campaign codes. You can only use one campaign code per booking.

A few days before departure we send out tickets and other info as to where and when you join the journey. Regarding flight journeys that include transfer we reserve the right to book travel by train and taxi in cases where just one traveller is arriving. Because of the Italian rail system it may be necessary for you to pay out for this but we will of course issue a refund. (Save receipts).

You need a passport. Some non-Swedish citizens may even require a visa to certain countries. Check before departure if applicable.

Group Cycling - training trips to Italy
We offer group cycling under normal weather conditions. In case of heavy rain we delay the start of the ride. During 2006-2018 we have only lost 2 days cycling because of bad weather. The ride on the day of arrival is a bonus to the program we offer. Usually we have time for a ride but it depends on the traffic on the European Motorways.

We have contracts with certain named leaders. This is subject to that person being healthy at the time of the trip. We are therefore unable to offer any guarantee or refund if a promised leader has to cancel their participation.

Hotel, destination
In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to change the destination and or hotel. If we change to a more expensive hotel Cykeltours will take the extra cost. Some towns and cities have a personal City Tax. This is to be paid be each customer on check-out.

"E & OE"
All prices and details are correct but sometimes Internet computer systems can fail. We reserve the right to correct any price/date or cancel any incorrect bookings. For example, the system can miss the add on price for a single room. In those cases you should contact us so we can investigate and fix the problem. Thanks for your cooperation.
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